Whale Shark Tours at Ningaloo Reef


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Want to snorkel with the largest fish in the sea?

While swimming with majestic Whale Sharks isn’t available on the Shore Thing due to local licensing restrictions, you can create an unforgettable Ningaloo adventure by combining your time on the reef with us with a separate day whale shark tour! This way, you’ll experience the best of both worlds during your Ningaloo holiday.

Whale Shark tours are day snorkelling tours only (scuba diving interactions not permitted) and available from Coral Bay between March and June, or from Exmouth between March through to the end of July and more often than not even into August and September.

Whale Shark experiences are not guaranteed, however most operators offer a repeat day if unsuccessful, so you may wish to factor an additional day into your itinerary. During peak periods this may not be possible during your stay, however expiry dates are usually a couple of years, allowing you time to return. In recent years success rates have been very high, so it’s not something you usually need to be concerned about.

We recommend doing a Sail Ningaloo tour prior to your whale shark experience because after 4 or 6 days of snorkelling with our team you will be well and truly ready to take the leap and swim alongside the biggest fish in the sea ….. and make the most of the experience too.


Contact our Sail Ningaloo reservations team who can best advise you on a recommended itinerary and have a look at our Whale Shark Wonder Week package, combining the best experiences possible on the Ningaloo Reef.