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Enjoy a range of activies on your Sail Ningaloo Reef tour – Scuba Dive, Snorkel, Kayak, Relax!!

Whether you crave action or a peaceful escape, Shore Thing offers the perfect blend: tailor your experience with diverse activities or simply relax and savor the beauty of Ningaloo Reef with delicious meals.


Ningaloo Reef has been voted the #1 snorkelling holiday destination in Australia. With a vibrant coral reef in pristine condition and so many ocean critters to discover, we can understand why!

Scuba Diving

Ningaloo Reef offers a diving experience unlike any other, from surprising encounters with larger marine life, the chance to explore historic underwater shipwrecks, and be surrounded by hundreds of species of fish.


The shallow sheltered waters of Ningaloo are perfect for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Shore Thing has two 1-2 person kayaks and a SUP on board for guests use.

Whale Sharks

Want to snorkel with the largest fish in the sea? Day Whale Shark snorkelling tours depart from Exmouth and Coral Bay.