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The Ningaloo Reef Marine Park’s exceptional natural features gained further international recognition when UNESCO awarded “World Heritage” status to the Ningaloo Coast in June 2011.

We are committed to providing each & every guest with an unforgettable ocean escape, ensuring memories that last a lifetime. The bespoke adventures we’ve curated on board Shore Thing are driven by sustainability and respect of the reef’s precious ecosystem, to ensure future generations can enjoy the delicate beauty of the Ningaloo Reef as we do.

Sail Ningaloo is an accredited and award-winning ecotourism leader. Following is a little bit more information about some of our achievements, memberships and certifications.


Sail Ningaloo Accessibility Guide

Sail Ningaloo is committed to contributing to a more inclusive world by providing guests with specific detailed accessibility information.

For detailed accessibility information you can view Sail Ningaloo’s Accessibility Guide here.

Sail Ningaloo recognises the diverse needs of guests. If you have any questions, or requirements that aren’t communicated in our guide, please reach out to us by email or phone and we can discuss further.


Ecotourism Certification

Sail Ningaloo has been certified as an Advanced Eco Tourism operator since 2010, showing our dedication to environmentally friendly practices. This certification signifies our ongoing efforts to minimise environmental impact and address climate change.

Looking for eco-friendly tourism? Look for the ECO tourism certification logo! This globally recognized symbol helps you choose tours, attractions, cruises, and accommodations that are committed to sustainability across environmental, social, and economic aspects. The ECO tourism certification program verifies that certified businesses are truly committed to sustainable practices and offer high-quality experiences focused on nature.

Want to find out more about Ecotourism certification? Visit Ecotourism Australia’s website.

Climate Action Certified

Climate change is the result of changes in our weather patterns because of an increase in the Earth’s average temperature. This is caused by increases in greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere from human activity such as burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. These gases soak up heat from the sun but instead of the heat leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, some of it is trapped, making the Earth warmer.

Just some of Sail Ningaloo’s Actions to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

  • We minimise waste, reuse items and recycle whenever possible and we compost our food scraps
  • We use environmentally friendly bathroom and cleaning products
  • We measure and track our carbon footprint regularly using the GBRMPA emissions calculator.
  • Our engines are serviced regularly to maintain optimum fuel efficiency and our outboard vessels utilise 4 stroke.
  • Sail Ningaloo has been an Advanced Ecotourism Certified business since 2010 and achieved Climate Action Business certification in May 2012. All of our tours strive for minimal impact on the environment.
  • We have installed solar panels on board our vessel, Shore Thing, to reduce our consumption of diesel for power usage.


Climate Change Action at home and whilst travelling

  • Everyone around the world can reduce their total emissions each year. There are hundreds of different ways we can do this by introducing environmental practices into our everyday life such as using energy saving appliances, low energy bulbs, reduction of waste and litter and the use of environmentally friendly detergents.
  • When travelling we encourage our guests to ensure these practices are maintained away from home and use local energy and water efficiently. Check soaps or detergents are biodegradable. Never litter and recycle where you can. You can choose to measure and offset travel emissions through organisations such as Climate Friendly who provide emissions calculators for a range of activities and contribute to the growth of the renewable energy industry.
  • While travelling we encourage our guests to choose to support tour operators who have achieved Ecotourism and Climate Action certifications. Ecotourism Australia Certification allows travellers to Australia to identify and support operators who meet the benchmark and so ensure tourism products have minimal impact to the environment.


Quality Tourism Accreditation

The Quality Tourism Framework (QTF) is a national initiative that fosters sustainable business development in the Australian tourism industry. It provides businesses valuable resources and tools to help establish and continuously update their policies and procedures, ensuring they adhere to best practices and promote ongoing sustainability.

The Quality Tourism Accredited Business logo signifies that a business has undergone a rigorous assessment and met the established Tourism Accreditation Standards. These standards set the benchmark for:

  • Adherence to industry standards and codes of practice.
  • Compliance with business and industry regulations.
  • Development and implementation of business and marketing plans.
  • Implementation of policy and procedures relating to human resources, customer service, risk management and the environment.

Sustainable Tourism Accreditation

Guides businesses to create high-quality, engaging and memorable visitor experiences that address the global demand for sustainable tourism. Sail Ningaloo has embraced best practice standards for tourism businesses across all aspects of sustainable tourism operations.

EcoStar Accreditation

For operators that demonstrate a level of environmental management over and above the requirements of the Quality Tourism Framework. Sail Ningaloo has utilised EcoStar Accreditation as a tool to assist us in achieving environmental sustainability and to receive recognition for our commitment to environmental management.

Marine Tourism Accreditation

A module of the Quality Tourism Framework specifically designed to help WA Marine Tourism Businesses address and be rewarded for meeting WA Marine Tour Operators Best Practice Standards. By becoming Marine Tourism Accredited, Sail Ningaloo has demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct operating in Western Australia’s pristine marine environment.

Tourism Emissions Reduction Commitment

Sail Ningaloo has completed an online emissions assessment and develop a tailored emissions reduction plan to demonstrate our commitment to improving sustainable operations. You can view our detailed Emission Reduction Plan here.

Whilst we are adopting practical steps to further reduce our carbon footprint, to demonstrate our genuine commitment to the program and sustainability, we have taken proactive steps towards a carbon-free future by supporting a local Western Australian project, taking responsibility for our unavoidable emissions through sponsorship of a project that actively removes carbon from the atmosphere. 

Through Carbon Neutral, we have offset our unavoidable emissions with the purchase of Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets supporting the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. This large scale reforestation project is restoring a landscape and preserving precious biodiversity on degraded landscapes in Southwest Australia. Watch the following video for further information about the project.


Want to learn more about the Ningaloo Reef?

Do you share our passion for the marine environment?

Sail Ningaloo collaborated with marine biologist and environmental educator Kirsty Nash to equip our crew with in-depth knowledge of the Ningaloo Reef through a specially designed interpretation program. This ensures our crew can share their knowledge with you in a respectful and informative way, enriching your understanding and appreciation of the unique ecosystem we explore.

“Leave only Bubbles & Footprints! Take only Photographs & Memories”