10th October 2021 – 5 Night Dedicated Diving Ningaloo Escape – Highlights

5 Night Dedicated Diving Ningaloo Escape – 1st October 2021

Wow wow wow!! This trip really turned it on with amazing visibility, so much wildlife and beautiful days for sailing!
Our small group of 8 divers experienced a multitude of different sites, special of fish & coral and experiences over this 5 night tour.
Stingrays, Manta rays, batfish, pufferfish, moray eels, sweetlips, sailfin catfish, cuttlefish, wobbegong, octopus, crayfish…these are just a few of the amazing creatures our divers interacted with during their time on Ningaloo Reef.
To be honest there were so many highlights it was hard to choose what to put in this brief reel. One of the main highlights had to be the HUGE school of fish surrounding our divers at Lost City (check out at about 3 mins in the movie).
They even had time for some Shore Thing driving lessons…watch out Chris, someone’s after your job!! Haha.