11th September 2019 – 5 Night Ningaloo Escape Dedicated Diving – Highlights

5 Night Ningaloo Escape Dedicated dive trip

What a great bunch of people that joined us on our 5 night dedicated dive trip on 11th September. We had guests join us from nearby Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales & even 1 from far off Canada and my, they were astonished by the fantastic wildlife, weather and adventure Ningaloo had to offer.

Surrounded by huge schools of trevally, ducking and diving through coral tunnels, cruising along next to huge loggerhead turtles in the deep waters. Playing hide ‘n’ seek with strange creatures of the dark on night dives, being eye’d up by passing reef sharks as they go about their cleaning ritual and even a couple of grumpy cuttlefish showing off their colours and ripples.

These are just a few of the wonderful highlights of this trip. Check out this highlight reel including the fantastic underwater dance moves from one wacky guest.

Music: www.hooksounds.com

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