12th Aug 2021 – 3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway – Highlights

12th August – 3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway

Here are the highlights of one of our latest 3 night Getaways, a jammed packed adventure with plenty of turtles, stacks of whales, whales vocalising underwater, spectacular coral gardens, snuggle puddles of reef sharks…..”Snuggle Puddles? Yep you heard right, Jade our host has coined a new term for a group of reef sharks, generally whitetips but we even got Tawny Nurse Reef Sharks all snuggling up together stacked practically on top of each other!

Honestly though a fab trip for our guests visiting WA from Tasmania and NZ. The whales were everywhere! Manta Swims on the outer reef and on the inner reef in just a few meters of crystal clear water and plenty of sailing action despite some light winds.

Slide on in and enjoy the sights of this spectacular Getaway.

Spaces still available in September and October for your chance to experience Ningaloo Reef with a dedicated and passion team who are always aiming to get you in the right places at the right times