14th June 2024 – 3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway – Highlights

3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway – 14th June 2024

Ningaloo’s Getaway: Ningaloo Shines, Rain or Shine
Ningaloo Reef turned up the charm on our June 14th getaway, proving that a little rain can’t wash away the wonder! Ningaloo’s wildlife thrives rain even with overcast skies and speckles of rain, and the smiles of our guests and crew were as bright as ever.
Imagine sharks and turtles enjoying a relaxing clean-up by cleaner fish – a natural spa treatment. Spotted and slate sweetlips added splashes of color, while an active octopus entertained us with its playful antics at the base of a mooring. Leopard whiptails and graceful lagoon rays foraged while a sleepy wobbegong shark was nearly missed with its amazing camouflage, and curious moray eels peeked out from their coral hideaways.
The magic didn’t stop there! The awe-inspiring sight of barrel-rolling manta rays and the breathtaking spectacle of breaching humpback whales. An unexpected visit from a beautiful sea snake, twisting and twirling in the deep blue, added another layer of wonder to the adventure.
And as the clouds parted, the skies came alive with spectacular speckled sunsets, a fitting end to unforgettable days. Ningaloo Reef adventures are truly special, rain or shine.