15th December 2020 – 3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway – Highlights

3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway

This trip should have been called The Supreme Sharks & Radiant Rays tour! So many of both.

White-tip reef and Grey reef sharks, wobbegong sharks, Marble Rays, Cowtails Rays, Porcupine Rays, Lagoon Rays. Just epic!!

Of course the old favourites were still about; the convict surgeonfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, chromis, trevally, buffalo bream and so on… Even quite a few turtles as well.

These guests had a ball with diving and snorkelling. Some trying diving for the first time! The excitement on their face just doesn’t get old to watch!!

Check out the highlight reel…

Music: www.hooksounds.com

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