17th September 2019 – 3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway – Highlights

3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway

This trip really was a tropical paradise trip (hence the choice of music to match hehe). The sun was shining, the water is warming up and the underwater world is full of life, it makes me want to sing out loud!
Sharks were being cleaned at the carwash (sing…”working at the carwash yeah!”)
Swarms of baitfish darting back and forth – they would win a synchronised swimming olympic medal for sure!
Lionfish, catfish, boxfish…my us humans are adventurous with our naming aren’t we?
Sun rise, sun set…I’m sure there’s a song in there too…
So get those maracas shaking, those hips swaying and those cheeks grinning while you check out this melody of a highlight reel.
Music: www.hooksounds.com

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