20th July 2021 – 5 Night Ningaloo Escape – Highlights

5 Night Ningaloo Escape – 20th July 2021

We just had a small but dedicated group of divers on this tour due to recent travel restrictions but were they spoilt. The team had plenty of dives on the outer reef including multiple sightings of tiger sharks (no video evidence though so did it really happen?), ancient turtles, huge stingrays and plenty of schooling fish.

There were some nights dives along with some cool and crazy critters including a giant black frogfish (see if you can find it in the video), along with scorpion fish, octopus and cuttlefish (you know Hendrik Heuschkel loves his cephlapods!).

There was some really nice clear water on the outside of the reef aoong with huge schools of fish and even a Queensland Grouper. Surface intervals were divine either cruising the shallow inner reef or watching whales frolick in the Indian Ocean, and don’t forget those feeding Manta Rays.
Great Trip and a great time to be out on Ningaloo Exploring the Ningaloo Reef in Style.

If your keen for some dedicated diving we have a tour departing on the 10th August with spaces available, so get in touch and book on. Guaranteed big fish & whale action with a special guest due to be onboard!