23rd June 2021 – 5 Night Ningaloo Escape – Highlights

5 Night Ningaloo Escape – 23rd June 2021

23rd June 5 Night Ningaloo Escape
Well winter has arrived and we are experiencing a little bit of the winter blues. Not the ‘sads’ that winter is here but the blue blue water that the offshore winds and cooler temperatures bring! Not too mention WHALES.

This 5 Night Ningaloo Escape sailed north of Coral Bay and experienced some epic sites amidst some great sailing weather. The crew were wearing pink (even underwater) as Coral Bay promoted Breast Cancer Awareness for the week. Breezy mornings were offset by super calm afternoons and some swimming pool like conditions provided amazing snorkeling and diving experiences. A huge marble ray at Holey Moley in blue blue water was a highlight along with its giant remoras! Octopus Garden and Cloates corner put on another great show with their critters large and small taking centre stage, I especially love the large moray with its unique spotted markings and the Octopus were out and about again.

An epic sunset from the dunes lead into another couple of days of amazing underwater activity with a special visit to the Benan shipwreck (1888) not dissappointing along with some great visibility and big fish action, and DEVIL RAYS (wow) at the Lost City !

The last a couple of highlights…..??? well can you beat a bit of snooze in the sun dreaming about your next underwater adventure ? NO WAY it must be done….and then that dream comes true with a last day Manta Ray swim in just a few meters of crystal clear water!!! What an adventure!

Big shout out to the crew Jon, Gianna and Hendrick (@fnf.ocean.art) for good times and great memories!

A tour aboard Shore Thing is a remarkable journey and what we hope to offer you is a world class marine experience up there with some of your best boating/snorkeling/diving holidays you’ll ever have. We believe in the reef and the experience so much we’re almost willing to bet that it will be! ?