26th June 2020 – 3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway – Highlights

3 Night Snorkel & Dive Getaway

Shore Thing trips are a great way to have a family holiday. Take the whole boat and bring your loved ones on a epic adventure.

This is what our guests on 26th June did, and it wasn’t their first visit to us either, they loved the first time that much!!

We had so much fun laughing and joking and exploring the reef there is just too much to put in one little highlight reel. We saw reef sharks, turtles, sting rays, mantas, dugong, tiger sharks, octopus…

We caught a fish and had a sumptuous feast prepared by the super talented Host Jade. We also caught some squid and had a quick demo and lesson, with skipper Chris, for all the guests on how to clean and prepare them.

As well as our relaxing Manta swim we also had a manta swim right passed the back of the boat after anchoring for the night and got an extra little cheeky sunset swim too.

Trips on Shore Thing are not only exciting, fun and relaxing they are also super educational and you can learn a lot of the reef and its wildlife from our talented passionate crew!! Check out the highlights…

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