8th April 2024 – 5 Night Ningaloo Escape – Highlights

5 Night Ningaloo Escape – 8th April 2024

Ningaloo’s Fish Frenzy
Ningaloo’s vibrant heart beat strong on our April 8th escape! Everywhere we looked, a kaleidoscope of fish swirled in a mesmerizing underwater ballet. Surgeonfish, parrotfish, chromis, catfish, and baitfish danced amongst shimmering schools of buffalo bream, sweetlips, fusiliers, and neon damsels.
The excitement continued with encounters of a tawny nurse shark, reef sharks gracefully patrolling the crystal-clear waters, and a porcupine ray gliding effortlessly. Turtles added a touch of wisdom to the scene, while an octopus displayed its mastery of disguise, can you find it?
Lionfish, scorpionfish, and batfish showcased the reef’s fascinating diversity, alongside cuttlefish, crayfish, and elegant lagoon rays.
Laughter filled the air as we attempted a group photo with the iconic anchor of the Benan wreck. From the boat, we spotted playful dolphins adding their energy to the vibrant seascape. But the true highlights were an encounter with a beautiful leopard shark, a goliath grouper hiding amongst a group of sweetlips, an unforgettable swim alongside a graceful manta ray, and even a beautiful striped snake eel.
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